Decolonizing Pedagogy

Decolonizing Pedagogy

We recognize that educational institutions have been used as a tool of colonialism in Alaska and around the world. As instructors, staff, and committed learners ourselves, we are working to remove colonizing values and practices from our teaching and learning, while also learning and practicing Indigenous ways of knowing that have guided communities on these lands since time immemorial. This decolonizing and Indigenizing is an ongoing collaboration and learning process. Through this website, we are sharing resources, materials, and connections to guide our colleagues who must also join us in this working.

Readings & Resources

This annotated bibliography has been curated by UAF faculty with a goal of sharing resources with colleagues. This resource list is constantly growing and we...
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Instructors across UAF's campuses teach with decolonial and Indigenous methods; many of them have shared course materials below. To submit your course materials to be...
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In addition to a biannual workshop for UAF instructors, the university supports regular programming, lectures, and discussions related to decolonizing and Indigenizing teaching and learning...
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